Last minute, got fired up after an odd day at work and decided on a night run. Ended up hitting the road alone at 9:30pm.

Being chilly out with winter creeping in and sub 10°C showing for the hills, decided to don some heat. Yep, time to drag the Powerlet heated liner and gloves out of summer hibernation. Dig how easy this gear is. No maintenance and always ready.


So today it’s the sunday-squirt write up.

All of us have a favorite road, set of roads or a route that includes some cool roads. Kantonians know the Izu skyline and most know the west Izu run or the Doshi-Fuji Skyline-469 trifecta and I had a great run around the back of Asama-yama, in Nagano, on a seemingly endless roller coaster of bitchin backroads a few months back. The unfortunate thing is some of these roads are too far away and others are just too well known by all the wrong people.

So, where do you go for a good Sunday ride?