Stickers are ready!

One for each rider will be handed out to all riders on the day at the start point. Make sure you get one and stick it on the back of your helmet so other riders know another Twistybutt when they’re following one!

Second and/or third stickers are available for those donating to the Touge Express route exploration fund…help put a few, or several, litres in the tank. ☺

Not sure how popular multiple stickers are going to be so best let me know in advance if you’ll be needing more than one.

Eyeing a new start location right on the coast with a great view and ample space. Will announce details if it fits. For those booked close to the usual start, don’t worry, it’s not far away and a nice ride there.

Looking forward to seeing all the Twistybutts old new and otherwise on the road again in spring!

Sign up here:

Exact details as to start location and routes will be announced at a later date.

Hotel of choice in Joetsu is the Monzen no Yu. When that’s full, the Sun Plaza Joetsu.

Check for general info here:

For the latest news and views, follow the link below:

As the MT10 has been up on stands since March due to the plague, I was initially worried about the battery as I rarely leave the bike unridden for long and if I do, the battery is disconnected.
The MT10 has a great little gadget I installed when picking up the bike from Apexmoto. It has made checking the battery crazy easy. A bluetooth battery monitor.


March 2020 @320km

I’ve only done a few hundred kms in my Travel Stars so far.

The toe box is vast. I’m usually a 42/43 and as many said they ran large, I went 42. Should’ve gone 41 or even 40.However, the ankle is tight. And extremely inflexible. Had to adjust the shifter a lot to accommodate the change. I’m expecting that to free up as boots do.

Quality is superb.


Rumble Pack Award

The rumble of an approaching pack of bikes pricks the ears of all on the roadside. A decent size pack will make a real rider’s heart pound and skin tingle! This year’s ‘Rumble Pack Award’ goes to Nine members of one of the twistybutts most enthusiastic regular groups who completed 600+km. They were also the biggest group start to finish! Great effort all! 👍

First Team In

Arriving at the hotel just after 4pm, this creepy trio ran a smooth C2C500 and had a ball doing so it seems. Well done gents! Good luck next year.

Most Tenacious Award

Although we had some odd entries for the Coast to Coast Twistybutt this year, Neil takes ‘The Most Tenacious’ award for his 600+ km aboard his bespoke Honda Cub. Well done mate 👍

Eco Rider – Team Award

Hanawa, Andrew and Nagai took out the team Eco Rider title with their ‘whip it till the end’ 500+km Coast to Coast run. Pulling into the hotel at dusk, they were all smiles and high fives. Seems they had a really fun ride. Well done gentlemen!