Group Rides

So you wanna join a group ride but not sure if it is for you or if you’ll enjoy yourself with the constraints of riding with people with a different pace or style to you. No problem, you aren’t trapped in a car with a George the GP wanna be or suffering whiplash on the back of Silvio the surge master’s Goldwing. You are on your own ride and happen to be with a group of riders who are also on their own ride.

A few fundamentals of a good group ride.

Ride your own ride – Enjoy your own pace

The leader stops at every turning point – and waits for the next person to roll in before he/she rolls out. This way no one is banked up waiting for the last rider but you’re never far apart. And no one is left behind.

Stop when you want to stop – don’t push beyond your limits, miss the photo you want or piss yourself

Set a few meeting points – so if all goes pear shaped you can catch the gang later down the track.

Every rider needs a map – Having a Navi or a mapple will give you independence and respect in the group.

Be prepared – what could go wrong? Are you ready for it? Puncture repair kit, water, basic tools, cable ties, chain lube, wet weather basics, mini 1stAid kit, aspirin, throat lozingers, screen cleaner for helmet and a few nutrition/energy bars

Get everyone’s mobile phone email – keeps you and everyone else riding but still in contact

No whining! – nobody wants to hear it

Have a well prepared bike – if it isn’t, don’t expect others to like waiting around while you’re doing running repairs

Is your tank full? Arriving just on time then asking everyone to wait while you fill your tank or your belly is not goning to make you popular

Don’t rock up late – Don’t wait for stragglers. Get on with it and let the late catch you down the track

Have patience – even when things are ridiculous it’s not worth ruining a good ride over it. And you may just learn something.

Most of the regulars follow most of these points and manage to extricate themselves from bad situations and learn something along the way. Hope these points help.

See you on the road

Aso goldenweek group shot



1 Comment

  1. Luggnuts on GR site.
    Cya there& hope for good weather.
    Btw great grout ride info outline,all useful tips & reminders.thanks for planning again Cmsc.


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