Blue Skies, Beach, Food and an MT10!


Here’s where we start this adventure. Yep, a bus stop. A colourful and memorable one at that in the burbs of Perth, Western Australia.

Cheers Mate, great grub…  a bike came a calling.

Wasn’t long before two feet found two pegs again this time aboard one from my shortlist of bikes to live with … Yamaha’s MT10! Great city bike that came with new Angel GTs and some meaty chicken strips. Had to do something about that…
Hit the long straight roads for the hills to the east. Not much rubber rounding there…
Roads were getting windier with the climb into the hills. Rolled by an oval I’d played on as a kid. Got my first bee sting to the foot out there somewhere.
Got my 1st BMX trophy here when I was 6. Lots ofadrenalin pumped and skin lost on those jumps and burms, hehehe
Soon came across some locals. Fortunately they were very shy. Zoom in down the road on the left…
Pulled in here for some lunch. Looking better than ever Kala Pub!
Yum Yum Yum! 32 degrees and relaxing under brollies in a mist garden eating a juicy medallion topped with garlic prawns. Life is good!
Looks like I’m not the only one who likes the look of that sign 🙂 The chicken strips got thinner here and the MT10 began to show its easy rollin side.
The reservoir supplying the Kalgoorlie pipeline and a good riding zone, Mundaring Weir. Was having a great run with the weather but the blue skies weren’t to last.
A spring storm provided a chance to test the MT10’s touring screen rain protection and it did quite well on the dash into Glen Forrest and a stay with a great old mate.
The rain even brought out the ducks at the local pub.
Next morning, the blue skies were back and so was the rolling orchard countryside. Hot too. 32C in them there hills!

Took in the view from the escarpment before zig-zagging back down to the city.

Back in the city, MT10 zone, and where things are more complicated…

What was this guys hand out for? … ?

But it sure is a pretty city and great for night rides. Deserted wide open streets and friendly drivers.
Cicerello’s Fremantle fish and chips were calling making for a nice nightride down the coast.

Glad to see a growing appreciation for local legends in the area too.

The MT10 came fully prepped by to carry panniers, tankbag and rear box, all available for rent from CR Motorcycles. Ask for Cody. Also had heated grips, hand gaurds, touring screen, sidestand bigfoot, sliders all over and a RAM mount for a navigation unit or smartphone to complement the power source tucked behind the front clutch side headlight. On the performance front, it had a straight thru pipe giving a menacing growl (earplugs recommended). Boy o boy, what an engine and soundtrack!


Having ridden the hills, city and the nights, it was time to hit the beach…

City Beach
Took a dip, did some bodysurfing and man am I out of shape…. think I blinded several beachgoers with my office-honed lilly white bag of bones, too. Hehehe. Felt great to be back in the surf though.
All that frolicking in the chilly spring sea worked up an appetite. Nothing like Kangaroo on the beach! Was delicious!

Cody came to pick up the MT10 late that afternoon and the romance was over. Great Tuesday to Saturday aboard Yamaha’s king of the MT range. Looking forward to the next ride through the old haunts. Cheers for some great riding Perth, thanks for that sonorous crossplane powerplant and cruise control Yamaha 🙂 and cheers Cody for making the MT10 available.

As the sun set on my final night in Perth, fireworks lit the night drawing a cheer from us on Dan’s balcony and a fair farewell.


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