Rider training gets chilly

Being the spring equinox, it was a good opportunity to thaw out the riding skills with a little controlled conditions training.

The Honda Motorcycle School in Saitama runs a good show with excellent instructors and a large fleet of modern hondas to play on.

A couple of days before, the weather took a turn but 17 of our 20 enrolled stepped up for the challenge. What a challenge it was! Temps plummeted to a wintery chill hovering a little above 0℃ and a steady northerly wind drove the precipitation under cracked visors and into open collars. Brrrr…

Our fleet for the day supplied by Honda: VTR250, CB400Revo, CB650F, CB1100, CB1300

The first hour or so of cone carving and slaloming knocked off the rust while I got familiar with the cb400Revo. 2nd gear tamed the jerky throttle and the crouch or lift technique being instructed helped maintain momentum and weight transition. 👍

As the laps rolled by, numerous cones were clipped, shunted and tipped. A couple bikes ended up on crash bars(including an instructor’s :-D) and a LOT of adrenalin was flowing. There was a noticeable improvement in control and pace from many. And we were going to need that confidence.

At our first break, the rain started to crystalize and quickly went from rain to sleet and then snow. It wasn’t sticking though so with some instruction on steering and head-elbow-shoulder position, we headed back to do battle with the course, corners and snow!

Great opportunity to push it in disconcerting conditions. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wasn’t alone. But many had semi-frozen paws and needed regular stops to thaw digits on toasty engine heads.

Disappointingly, the day was cut short due to snow with the afternoon sessions cancelled. But we all got to have lunch together and share slip, spin and near miss recounts. Then, we headed home, some on two wheels, some on four. The ride home through rain and snow was a breeze after the morning’s antics.

Great short but entertaining morning with good training and mates. Valuable warm up for the annual Coast 2 Coast Twistybutt too.

Looking forward to the next one.

# Thanks to Tony for bringing us all together. 👍

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  1. TE – nice post. It looks like a good old time, and admit it, the weather added to it. It’s always good to do skills courses, and I know I could benefit from taking some. I know they sometimes list these on the manufacturer’s sites, but how did you (or Tony) learn about this one / apply?


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