April 29, at various times throughout the afternoon and evening and after an unusually warm day and near perfect weather, bikes and riders rolled up to the Japan Sea coast after riding 500+ km of great roads across the interior of Honshu. All their tyres were well rounded, the brake pads thinner, seats polished and the riders road weary but satisfied.

In all, there were 81 of us out there twisting, carving and seeking roads that day. A good number and a sign that the last few years are in the rear view mirrors.

Congratulations to the 23 new Twistybutts. Hope you had a blast and it’s lit a fire in you for more great twisty riding.

Thank you to all you Twistybutts for riding well and enjoying yourselves. You now know your bike, the roads and your own skills better for it. Keep up the ride time and challenging roads and let’s ride coast to coast again next year!

Sun’s up & the Twistybutts were ready to ride!
Terrier Awards go to The Magnificent Seven!
Rumble Pack award goes to this crew and its multi-generational Ducati symphony thrumming through the valleys. How many were there in your pack this year, 17? Well done riders!
Great to see some old stickers with the new from regular Twistybutts.

Rumble Pack Award

The rumble of an approaching pack of bikes pricks the ears of all on the roadside. A decent size pack will make a real rider’s heart pound and skin tingle! This year’s ‘Rumble Pack Award’ goes to Nine members of one of the twistybutts most enthusiastic regular groups who completed 600+km. They were also the biggest group start to finish! Great effort all! 👍

First Team In

Arriving at the hotel just after 4pm, this creepy trio ran a smooth C2C500 and had a ball doing so it seems. Well done gents! Good luck next year.

Most Tenacious Award

Although we had some odd entries for the Coast to Coast Twistybutt this year, Neil takes ‘The Most Tenacious’ award for his 600+ km aboard his bespoke Honda Cub. Well done mate 👍

Eco Rider – Team Award

Hanawa, Andrew and Nagai took out the team Eco Rider title with their ‘whip it till the end’ 500+km Coast to Coast run. Pulling into the hotel at dusk, they were all smiles and high fives. Seems they had a really fun ride. Well done gentlemen!

What are we talking about here?

C2C = coast to coast = Pacific Ocean to Japan Sea

Touge = A pass between two adjacent territories traversing some sort of natural geographical barrier =

Grenade = a small package with a big punch!

So, a relatively short ride (compared to an ironbutt) from the Pacific Ocean to Japan Sea via as many twisty bits as can be strung together. All in a day!