Twisty Hunter’s Tour – 2017

5 days of all-day touring deep into the Japanese mountains. Over 5 days we potentially have 2000+km of twisting winding and undulating roads to scout out and get lost in. Also, there is great riding and many sights to see in the area so feel free to go free-range if that’s your thing. Or, if…

Coast to Coast Twistybutt – 2017

  When – Saturday, May 6th, Meet – 4:30am  START – 4:50am Where Pacific Ocean to Japan Sea Start: Sagami bay in Kanagawa Finish: Joetsu in Niigata Goal To ride from the Pacific to the Sea of Japan in a single day via as many great roads as can be strung together without touching a…

日本語 – Twistybutt 2017

ゴール 太平洋側を出発し1日で日本海側まで走破します。 仲間と一緒に出来るだけ多くの素晴らしい道を通って。 高速道路や有料道路は使いません! 到着地ではビールとごちそうで盛り上がり、温かいお湯に浸かりましょう

Arimine – May 28/9, 2016

Busted out for 24hrs of riding, eating, yabbering, riding and more riding with 2 great wingmen JamesK and MTMatt. Cheers fellas! Made it there in good time and received a warm welcome from James and his band of merry off-roaders just back from a day on the trails.  

Nikwax – Waterproofing DWR

My Streetgaurd 3 jacket is entering it’s 3rd season, just got a new fat YKK Aquaguard main zipper and needed a good clean and rejuvination of it’s water-repelling capabilities. Having had great success with Nikwax’s glove treatment, actually the cream type for gloves and saddles where grip is necessary, it was only logical to try out…

Auto chain oiler – Scottoiler

Having been through 3 chains in 120,000km before switching to the 520 chain on the FZ1, I’d endured some trials and tribulations of chain maintenance and in the process gained some understanding of what was and wasn’t working. Mostly, it wasn’t working. Starting out with spay on yamilube which worked well but didn’t last long, I tried…

Winter Scout

Got out for a ride today. First one in too long! Started out cloudy then fined up a little once in the mountains but soon the cloud cover rolled back in. Finally hit rain in Atsugi on the run back. Surprisingly warm day for early March though, nice.