Kanto Twistybutt – Update

The routes have been scouted and found to be clear. We now have 30+ riders confirmed. All riders should have there route maps – if you don’t send a message asap. The route maps have have been split in half this time to remove load and improve routing speed. They also have recommended fuel/gas stops…

Kanto Twistybutt Scouting

Rolled into Ebina SA @5am to meet up with another Twistybutter only to find I was the only bike there. Over the next 1/2 hour, the bikes started rolling in. With a coffee down and the sky lit, we scooted across the carpark to top off the tanks before setting out. I’d fueled up the…

Coast to Coast Twistybutt – 2017

  When – Saturday, May 6th, Meet – 4:30am  START – 4:50am Where Pacific Ocean to Japan Sea Start: Sagami bay in Kanagawa Finish: Joetsu in Niigata Goal To ride from the Pacific to the Sea of Japan in a single day via as many great roads as can be strung together without touching a…

日本語 – Twistybutt 2017

ゴール 太平洋側を出発し1日で日本海側まで走破します。 仲間と一緒に出来るだけ多くの素晴らしい道を通って。 高速道路や有料道路は使いません! 到着地ではビールとごちそうで盛り上がり、温かいお湯に浸かりましょう


Want to pull up for the night exhausted from riding the shoulders off your tyres? This is the kind of ride for you!