Winter Scout

Got out for a ride today. First one in too long! Started out cloudy then fined up a little once in the mountains but soon the cloud cover rolled back in. Finally hit rain in Atsugi on the run back. Surprisingly warm day for early March though, nice.

Ran out of road before I hardly even got started!
Plenty of blossoms out.
What? Why? Middle of nowhere on a nice stretch north of Yabitsu Touge and came across what looked like an offering to the local god of barfly musicians
Hazy and the hills are still winter barren.
Went looking for Yabanjins…apparently thay aren’t around until April. Must be hibernating or something.
Cool themed campsite! Not so primitive.
Maybe a little primitive.
Lots of banging, burning and people looking busy in preparation for the season opening in April.
Where’s the witch who belongs with that broom?
Ah ha! Not really. She was sweet. Had to make a repair and got covered in grease. She was kind enough to let me scrub up there and even found a bar of heavy duty soap. Water though was from the river and bone numbingly cold! She had a giggle at my scrubbed-red paws with chilled blue nails 🙂
Yellow sign says, ‘Drop 2 gears and flick it in!’ Not really, but that’s what it got.
Tabayama – late lunch time.
Most expensive fuel of the day. Cheapest was 96yennies/litre. Even 110 is cheap compared to a few years ago.
What’s a winter ride without a little snow?
Great exploring and twistybutt route sampling day. Need more of them…

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