Well done Twistybutts! C2C 2023

April 29, at various times throughout the afternoon and evening and after an unusually warm day and near perfect weather, bikes and riders rolled up to the Japan Sea coast after riding 500+ km of great roads across the interior of Honshu. All their tyres were well rounded, the brake pads thinner, seats polished and the riders road weary but satisfied.

In all, there were 81 of us out there twisting, carving and seeking roads that day. A good number and a sign that the last few years are in the rear view mirrors.

Congratulations to the 23 new Twistybutts. Hope you had a blast and it’s lit a fire in you for more great twisty riding.

Thank you to all you Twistybutts for riding well and enjoying yourselves. You now know your bike, the roads and your own skills better for it. Keep up the ride time and challenging roads and let’s ride coast to coast again next year!

Sun’s up & the Twistybutts were ready to ride!
Terrier Awards go to The Magnificent Seven!
Rumble Pack award goes to this crew and its multi-generational Ducati symphony thrumming through the valleys. How many were there in your pack this year, 17? Well done riders!
Great to see some old stickers with the new from regular Twistybutts.

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