Auto chain oiler – Scottoiler

Having been through 4 chains in 120,000km before switching to the 520 chain on the FZ1, I’d endured some trials and tribulations of chain maintenance and in the process gained some understanding of what was and wasn’t working. Mostly, it wasn’t working. Starting out with spay on yamilube which worked well but didn’t last long, I tried…

Auxiliary fuel bottle mounts on Givi rear rack

Having been caught out a few times on long rides after dark in the mountains or between towns and run out of fuel, decided to fit up a pair of fuel bottles for the Honshu 4 corners tour. Went with twisted throttles 1 litre bottles in sturdy plastic holders.      

LED Auxiliary Lights

Liking night riding, I found the standard FZ1 lights lacking. Adding a twin hi/low 35w 5000k HID kit helped but something was still amiss when banking into corners. So, went on the prowl for some flood lighting options. Have been running some CREE 3000Lm LED lights on the FZ1 for over a year and around 25,000 kilometres in all…

Throttle woes

Last time out the FZ1 just didn’t want to slow down…more than usual that is! So, chased the lazy throttle back to a busted return throttle cable. Luckily, had a pair of spair throttle cables and after many curses, that throttle cam isn’t in the most convenient of spaces and the throttle cable retainers may…

One thing to another

Climbing a pass the other night and the throttle died. Got it going again but the throttle wouldn’t roll smooth or past 20% without a LOT of muscle. A quick inspection after crawling home didn’t show much. But the Rizoma cable retainer is looking…worn. Was late so left it there. Tried the OEM throttle tube…

The Rebuild

Began slowly but has picked up pace thanks to JamesK and his cave of wrenching wonders! 1st the exhaust was slipped out and with some creative jacking and wedging, she was on blocks. Then the junk came off

FZ1 Race Legend Retired

The -06 Over Racing FZ1 that won its class at the 06 Suzuka Hr is being retired and the parts have come up in local auction. Ridden by Makoto Suzuki and Hiroshi Toyoda, and running in the XF1 Formula Extreme class against R1s, Fireblades, etc.