24hrs of Roads, Mates and Rounding Rubber

Set out at sunset Saturday night and what a perfect night for riding it was.

Rolled in to the Yabanjin compound @9:30pm and was treated to some Yabanjin BBQ fare….yum!

The essentials grilled and prepped for rapid consumption.

Woke up to a different scene .. RIDE TIME!

Sorry to be boring you T … yes, best put the book away. There’s riding to be done! A supercruise to Suwa no less 😉

152 Southbound and Early. No traffic, great views and relatively clean roads.


Hey there Mr Hand man!

Tiger was all stony-faced about the ‘no trash’ and the FZ1, aka fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, just had to stop for a laugh 😀

Mid-morning, already on the 389 and the lower ravine made a great pitstop with a hunting hawk soaring overhead, hand sized black butterflies dancing about and …

…this little stinger took a lovin to Oyvind’s Klim

Pitstop Perfect!

hehehe, cheeky little..ish dragons

Yep, that valley is all yours T

Tea vistas of Shizuoka Pic courtesy of Tony. Cheers T

Award winning Tea and an award winning strut. Work it big fella!

The rubber just kept getting rounder

Plenty of supercruise with the 152-389-362 in the mix. Always a good loop.

Got home right around beer-o’clock then settled in for a memorable french MotoGP.

All around great day out and about riding. Great company O and T. Thanks for the hospitality at the yabanjin compound Oyvind.

Roll on roll on next sunday squirt!



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