Twisty Hunter’s Tour – 2017

5 days of all-day touring deep into the Japanese mountains.

Over 5 days we potentially have 2000+km of twisting winding and undulating roads to scout out and get lost in. Also, there is great riding and many sights to see in the area so feel free to go free-range if that’s your thing. Or, if you do want to split off mid day and find your own way or head back to base for a rest, go for it! We’ll be meeting back at base every night for a feed and festivities.


Departing April 30 4:50 am from Sagami Bay on the Pacific Coast!

April 30 – Full 500+km of twisting and winding all the way from the Pacific coast to the Sea of Japan.

May 1 – Riding the long way down into Naganao to set up a base for 3 nights. @400km

May 2 to 4 – Riding long daily loops out through the mountains of Niigata, Nagano, Gunma and Yamanashi. @400km/day

April 30 – Hotel in Joetsu. Exact location and price to be decided. Will depend on numbers and availibility. Budget 6-8000yen.

May 1 to 3 – Cabins near Ueda, Nagano. 8 person cabin with kitchen, shower and toilet. Futons for sleeping. 3500yen/night + bedding. The cabin grounds has an adjacent campground for those wanting to tent. Onsen facilities are also on the grounds with views of Mt. Asama from the outdoor baths!

Joining up

Reply here to register your interest. First in get the choice of spots in the cabins.


For the 500km run on day 1, April 30, we won’t be dawdling or sightseeing. So, if you’ve not done a coast to coast Twistybutt before, please join us in Joetsu that evening or the following day in Nagano.


  1. Stumbled across this website, I’m a hard rider from New Zealand, arrived in Japan a co of months back just about to pick up a NC750X wasn’t sure what the right bike was for Japan (last bikes in NZ were BMW S1000RR and S1000R)
    Please add me to your email list.


    1. Thanks for following Andrew.
      Had the s1000r for a few days back in October last year. Near on the perfect bike for twisty hunting in Japan. Nicknamed it Super Safety bike for all its electronic nanny gadgets. Surprisingly, or maybe I don’t ride hard enough, I never noticed their intervention.

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