An 1100km romance with an S1000R

This is the top of the line model with all the factory options. A little odd looking but everything has a place and a function. What shall we call it?…

A techno wonder on the electronics front. ABS, semi-active suspension, angle-sensitive traction control and cruise control. Many gadgets to keep you out of all sorts of trouble. It really ought to be called…

Super Safety Bike is quite the companion. A true mutant wonder! It makes giants of meager mortals that’s for sure. Indeed, it’s level of safetiness is quite puctifying!

Surprisingly torquey! The sauerkraut/sausage lovechild is lower geared than an RR and very flexible on/off throttle. Gotta love the off throttle burbling farts too 😀

Goes like a missile! About as much wind protection too! 150+ hp of modern acceleration trying to relocate your head between your shoulderblades is more than enough to fight without the speed generated wind thrown in. I may get used to it or a may get shorter or thinner and more streamlined like a bird…mmm…

I’ll have all you know that I’m a safety rider these days. I just received my gold licence. Yes, no infringements for three plus years! And to prove it, I’ve decided to celebrate this auspicious occasion by taking a very safe bike for a ride for a couple of days!

1st date is in the dark and everything other than the looks of the illuminating bits is impressive. Oh, and the turning circle sucks but it sure is a pussy-cat around town. Let’s see how I feel when I wake up in the morning :p

Let’s Ride

Day 1

Rainy 4am start for the Super Safety Bike. It wasn’t complaining because it enjoys safety challenges.

Seems Super Safety Bike isn’t so popular with the hyperguys at the service areas 😦

After some hard slog through Chuo rain Super Safety Bike brought me in for some refreshments. Just to be safe n all.

So, thought I’d knick inside for a bite… Fried chicken in ramen at 7am. Pure gold after 30minutes in driving rain.

And then there were four. No apocalypse to be had but we let the tarmac in the twisties know that we were there 😉

The valleys and their snaking roads brought out the best in Super Safety Bike!

Finally made it to base were Tony took some great photos. Cheers T.

We mosied on up the hill for a soak in the hot springs and a good feed.

On the way back we stumbled upon a vixen of the night!

With a magic hand…

Super Safety Bike posted a most safe average speed 🙂

Day 2

Starting the day and the jockeys were on the ball and the weather was a chilly 14deg but fine and promising for a good day out.
Super Safety Bike was still on the out with the cool bikes.

… still looking for friends…if it stopped running away so fast, it might collect some 😉

Mid morning of the 2nd day and the road warriors gathered for drinks. Super Safety Bike is starting to make some friends.

Heading up to Amo Touge, showing its less hideous side, it is an attractive ride.

By the end of the day, Super Safety Bike had found some friends willing to look past its hideous bean and enjoyed a great run through the nether regions of Japan.

How will it go returning to the urban rental riders it usually pairs with?… Good luck Super Safety Bike. You are a phenomenal machine and a quite unexpected king maker.

Oh yeah, the meat in the sandwich!


Wind protection sucks.

Tight bend for the knees compared to say an MT10 or SuperDukeR.

Bit too efficient. Feels like it leaves some feeling out of the braking equation. A shame as it has remarkable stopping precision straight up or leaned over.

Virtually no storage or real estate for bags.

A face that only a mother could love. Oh, and that udder (exhaust box)!


Ease of use. Really is remote control lightning!

Blistering acceleration.

Stable braking. Though lacks finger on the fishing line type feel.

Great looking standard wheels.

The active suspension is wondrous. Switch for intended use. No tools or notebooks!

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 4/5

Could I live with one? You bet.

Could I live with it as my only bike? Probably not as I tend to carry the kitchen sink touring.

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