The Rebuild

Began slowly but has picked up pace thanks to JamesK and his cave of wrenching wonders!

1st the exhaust was slipped out and with some creative jacking and wedging, she was on blocks. Then the junk came off

Played around with all sorts of stuff and discovered a few unkowns. Such as the 5VY R1 and FZ1 top bridges being different.

Replaced some easy stuff such as footpegs

Then popped the head races. Pretty clean in there

Swapped rotors onto the new wheel

Then got to work onto making that R1 bridge fit

Cut down the steering stoppers on the R1 lower triple

Grind a little out of the riser caps to account for the wider bar spread

Get the new forks in and some other junk back on up front

Get a fender and wheel on and ‘Hey presto!’ she’s looking rideable again 🙂

Almost there! Stay tuned

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