One thing to another

Climbing a pass the other night and the throttle died. Got it going again but the throttle wouldn’t roll smooth or past 20% without a LOT of muscle.
A quick inspection after crawling home didn’t show much. But the Rizoma cable retainer is looking…worn. Was late so left it there.

Tried the OEM throttle tube which made no difference. So, chased the cable. Off with bodywork, tank and airbox. A lot of lubing, cleaning and “Where the f##* are you?”s
Then, broke out the little telescopic antenna-like thing with a mirror on the end and a spot LED to get a look up the problems skirt :embarased and there it was

No idea how but the cable had jumped the retainer on the cam which was causing the super-stiff throttle. Was a PITA in getting it back on the cam. That little hook tool for changing bicycle tyres did the trick!

Next, moved onto adjusting the clutch cable as it had finally run out of adjuster at the lever end. Not bad considering it’s done more than 100,000km! Went looking for the adjuster while the tank was off. Immediate thought was the opposite end of the cable. That was looking like another PITA until… following the cable to the shifter side alongside the frame, there was an adjuster hidden under the cabling. Got to wind back about 2/3 of the adjuster range. Wonder how much is left in the clutch itself.

I was on a roll and Ms.Fuzz was loving the attention so swapped wheels too. The rear was looking like Kojak’s melon

Not any more!

Last up was the BMC air cleaner. Cleaning time and it was filthy!

Drying now and reinstall tomorrow.

Mmmm, what else can I do tomorrow?

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