FZ1 Race Legend Retired

The -06 Over Racing FZ1 that won its class at the 06 Suzuka Hr is being retired and the parts have come up in local auction.

Ridden by Makoto Suzuki and Hiroshi Toyoda, and running in the XF1 Formula Extreme class against R1s, Fireblades, etc.


At the 8hr
At the 8hr

It’s final sad incarnation

The Ghost of the Legend
The Ghost of the Legend

Some interesting facts from miscellaneous parts :
1. 07-08R1 CDI igniter
2. Can see an 07-08 R1 Speedo/meter in the pics
3. R1 stem and top-bridge?
4. Radiator piping?
5. Unfortunately, it’s lost the brakes, wheels, rear fender and who knows what else in old age 😦
5. But of course, the standard rear shock is in ‘like new’ condition 😀

Farewell old Warrior!

Credit http://www.race24.com/

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