Sunday Squirt

So today it’s the sunday-squirt write up.

All of us have a favorite road, set of roads or a route that includes some cool roads. Kantonians know the Izu skyline and most know the west Izu run or the Doshi-Fuji Skyline-469 trifecta and I had a great run around the back of Asama-yama, in Nagano, on a seemingly endless roller coaster of bitchin backroads a few months back. The unfortunate thing is some of these roads are too far away and others are just too well known by all the wrong people.

So, where do you go for a good Sunday ride?

That navi has been helping me dig up and log some of the rippers I’d previously staggered onto and proceeded to forget as they were more than several roads into a circuit and my skull sponge has a problem holding onto more than a few facts at a time, especially when flooded with adrenalin. But there are a few favourites and I’d be happy to share with any who can make the Sunday morning meet up here if you can rise with the sun.

The past few Sundays have been great. 3 weeks ago it was actually warm up on the skyline (it is meant to be winter, right?) and the bikes were out in force. The roads are still quite winter empty, and being warm, the ice hasn’t been a problem in the higher areas. Take care on the north side shaded areas though. Gas is cheap and the great thing about riding this time of year is the minuscule presence of posers and wannabe riders. Yep, plenty of real riders who are looking in their mirrors, being realistic toward other road users and willing to give a nod or have a chat at the rest areas. And most of them are out there alone, like me, on their Sunday squirt.

Had a cool experience last Sunday banking the hairpin 1/2 way up the Tsubaki-line. Taking it easy and floating through the corner, didn’t bother to slide a cheek which had the FZ dragging a peg quite a way, I was almost blinded by the flashes of more than a couple cameras just as I was getting on the gas mid corner. Had to take a look over the shoulder to make sure those cameras weren’t connected to uniforms and was delighted to see a few guys in leathers giving me a wave. Later saw them on the skyline where one gave me another wave. Kind of felt like Hokkaido. That’s the spirit!

The Sunday squirt is what riding is all about for me. Take off early for half familiar roads,find a few unknowns, scare yourself shitless at least once and soak in some cool scenery. All before lunch!

So, see you cats on the road.

Atami from Atami Touge
Frost Fuji from Top o the Hakone Turnpike
Izu Skyline

Well it’s 7am on Sunday(1/3/09) and the weather is crap! Was really looking forward to a ride before the WSBK. These things happen I guess. Next week.

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