Navi or no?

So, what’s the consensus on Navi?
Shunning the tech, thinking it was all a bit too complicated and distracting (which it is), it’s made itself useful in ways I’d never taken seriously. I mean I knew it had these functions and they were useful when in the car but, being the intellectual Honda cub that I am, never realized how well it would complement my wanderings. Mapple has been my spotty but mostly brilliant guiding light till now and the Garmin is filling in the voids. Here’s how:
It’s great for finding fuel when your running on fumes. Unless the Gas stand has been pushed down in the past 2 years, as the Garmin streetpilot riding my bars lead me to on Sunday. Excellent for getting back on track when you’ve been turned inside out on unknown sections of road after trekking into the suburban wilds in search of fuel, clocking top speeds. Doesn’t work in tunnels though, unfortunately.. . finding food you want to eat marking points of interest that would usually be forgotten until you rode past them again.
But best of all, it has been finding the hidden link roads that take you from one great road to another without having to go the long way around and pay the piper. Yep, I’m addicted to finding the road less travelled more than ever.
Garmin Streetpilot 2610, Mapsource version 7

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