Got out for a little touge running Friday.  650km odd and more than a little wet. But a great day with top wingmen and oodles of twisties! Cheers for the laughs Gents 👍 You betcha!  Wasn’t cold so why not? Donned the rain gear and rolled.  Being the first day of the long weekend, the…

Kanto Twistybutt and Back!

Met some of the usual suspects and a gaggle of prospective Twistybutters at a nondescript convenience store nice and early to beat the summer heat. So nondescript that some found themselves in empty carparks, even the most experienced! With the wait, some were chomping at the bit to get going but most were happy wandering…

Kanto Twistybutt Scouting

Rolled into Ebina SA @5am to meet up with another Twistybutter only to find I was the only bike there. Over the next 1/2 hour, the bikes started rolling in. With a coffee down and the sky lit, we scooted across the carpark to top off the tanks before setting out. I’d fueled up the…

Arimine – May 28/9, 2016

Busted out for 24hrs of riding, eating, yabbering, riding and more riding with 2 great wingmen JamesK and MTMatt. Cheers fellas! Made it there in good time and received a warm welcome from James and his band of merry off-roaders just back from a day on the trails.  

Winter Scout

Got out for a ride today. First one in too long! Started out cloudy then fined up a little once in the mountains but soon the cloud cover rolled back in. Finally hit rain in Atsugi on the run back. Surprisingly warm day for early March though, nice.