Winter Roads – Pros n Cons

The skies are clear, not much traffic and the roads are relatively clean and dry. On the other hand, it’s bitterly cold, you can’t ride the highest mountains and the daylight hours are frustratingly short.
That simple? Not quite.

Originally posted in 2010

You can negate the cold with heat, stay close to the coast or in the sun to avoid the ice and do the boring there’n’backs before and after the light of the day.
But there are still other things to keep you on your toes.

  • The fine weather brings photographers with seemingly no idea that parking on blind corners is idiotic.
  • Ice can appear anywhere in a cold snap! Beware the shade! Anywhere that looks spotty like the pic below, in dry weather, is a danger zone

  • Hypothermia can hit fast causing devastating fatigue. Try chemical hotpacks from the convenience stores +++
  • The cold can fool the senses into ignoring dehydration. Stay hydrated and if you aren’t peeing, you should be!

And the one that got me a couple of weeks back:

  • people here love kerosene for cheap stinky heat and the irresponsible delivery guys often leave oil slicks like a yellow brick road. Especially out in the countryside Check it out

It’s great riding out there through the winter and the days are only going to get longer from here on out. So get out there and enjoy. Just beware that the road has its risks, as always!

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