Got out for a little touge running Friday. 

650km odd and more than a little wet. But a great day with top wingmen and oodles of twisties! Cheers for the laughs Gents ๐Ÿ‘

You betcha! 

Wasn’t cold so why not? Donned the rain gear and rolled. 

Being the first day of the long weekend, the Tomei Expressway was a parking lot. Stupid amount of accidents for the speed and time too. 

Rolled into Ebina SA to meet the lads and they had lamb chops for breaky! Monster header warmed juicy and deliciously seasoned lamb chops! 

And it kept on washing us down for a good part of the run home. But,  with good wingmen and some genuine laughs, the swampass and crotch flood was bearable. 

Cheers for the ride Gents. Looking forward to the next summer touge run! 

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