On the Hunt for Snow

The sky was blue and after a coast run with a sprinkle of snow, we headed inland and found more snow.

A lot more!

Got a little snow fever which lead us to that friggin enermous temple on the Izu Skyline

All that snow burned up a lot of energy so we went to a local old style eatery.

Initially had the place to ourselves

Then the looong term locals rocked up followed by the reeeal long term locals. They were friendly enough and half of them had no teeth so..

Had a great feed of all local goodies including some of Porky the Pig:s wild cousin!
The Street triple even wanted in for some 🙂

Then went to try our luck on the Nishi-Izu Skyline but… it was snow-closed

So we pulled into the Darumayama Resthouse for a view of Fuji

With the sun still up but on the slide, it was time for the run home.

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