Iwate – 2011

3rd time lucky! Finally made it to the Iwate coast but it was a mixed experience.

Don’t really have words to describe what we saw so will skip the rambling on this one.

FZ1 in the post Tsunami tidal zone in Ofunato
FZ1 in the post Tsunami tidal zone in Ofunato

The riding was great but the destruction was overwhelming at times…..

Cars on roofs

The cleanup was amazing and the dump zones even more so. Well organized and clean juxtaposed with the mayhem that caused it all

For many of the small towns they seem to be just working around the destruction

Some towns, like this one near Todogasaki, are just . . . gone.

as was what we found at the most eastern road on Honshu
Even though a lot of the infrastucture has been destroyed or abandoned, we had no trouble finding food or gas.

Was glad to be riding with two cool Amigos. The Js

Some images will stay with me a long time. This is one of the better ones

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