Sunday Squirt goes Radio-active

Radioactive Run Top-o-the Turnpike!WHO said it was ok to roll, checked the Geiger stations and forecast wind direction/weather and all was favorable. So fired up the FuzZ and went searching for X-Men powers.
No-one on the roads and great weather 5-12degC.

On the way in
Radioactive Run Top-o-the Turnpike!
Wish the Big Izzy was always like this
Empty Skyline - Fantastic!
The Skyline(Big Izzy) was as barren as this tree on it!
Found Fuel at the Idemitsu on Rt.1 at the top of Hakone Touge

Awesome! I want more
The FuzZ really got a good leg stretchin this morning! Hope everyone stays off the roads for a few more weeks at least.

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