JamesK’s School of Rusty Rider Rehab

Hakone Skyline nth-ent. to Fujisan : by LARS

Well, they say the best coach is the one that keeps pushing you, stretching your limits and bringing back the skills you’d lost through inaction.
The past month or so I’ve had the pleasure of sailing in JamesK’s wake across the old stomping grounds. We’ve done most of the old favourites, slowly stretched the legs and tuned the senses to bring back the muscle memory.
He’s had me on a strict regime of typical JK blacktop riding. A lot of twisties, predawns, hillclimbs, downhill coasting, goat trails, rain, 0degC temps, some pea soup fog, debris packed obstacle courses and even the inevitable economy riding resulting from having toooo much fun to care about a fuel gauge.
The weather has, on the whole, been perfect autumn riding heaven. It, the roads, the FJR’s gurgling Blueflame exhausts bellowing off the hillsides and the thrill of the run have all left the camera neglected. But we had to stop sometimes. Hitting the road before sun up, the sunrises in the crisp morning air have warranted a few snaps.

Hakone Skyline nth-ent. to Fujisan : by LARS
Hakone Skyline nth-ent. to Fuji : by LARS
Mikuni Touge to Fujisan
Mikuni Touge to Fujisan

I’m looking forward to some more rehab with the coach this weekend and hope to see some of you out there, too.


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