Chilly Hazy Sunday in Izu

Deep haze made for a cracking diffused sunrise mirrored across the bay between the fishing boats. Something was running on the east coast of Izu as there were fishing boats everywhere.

The asphalt was dalmatianed with lingering frost and climbing out of Taga, the road side was caked in frost with the occasional randomly placed patch of black ice.

Yep, – 1°C. Wasn’t the coldest of the morn but it was a rare frost/ice-free roadside where I could stop.

Stopped in at the pagoda as the entrance rope was down.

It’s having a hard life. Quite a shame as it’s an amazing location.

Said goodbye to the pagoda, showed Fuji our tail and tiptoed south down the Izu Skyline.

Kameishi was completely empty. Odd for 8:30am on a public holiday. It’s never packed in winter but maybe the State of Emergency along with the cold were keeping riders away. Actually, it reminded me of the post 2011 empty roads…without the threat of radioactive winds!

Took the 59 to 414 and enjoyed a dry lightly trafficked run down Izu’s centre to Shimoda. Then up the west coast via the Margaret Line to the 410 and the climb to the 411 and the south end of the Nishi Izu Skyline.

900+ metres and the cold was back. 1°C in the early afternoon. The north end of the Nishi Izu Skyline was gratefully ice free. Made for a nice run.

Last stop of the ride. Got a scenic tip from a Twistybutter, Mr Mellows 👍, on a magic Fuji view but he warned the road there was steep and gnarly. He wasn’t wrong! This was maybe the best part of it. Was all worth it at the top though.

Was a good leisurely run with lots of breaks and captivating views to steal me away from mundane thoughts. The constantly dripping nose was always there to remind me of the cold despite the best and welcomed efforts of a warm&safe heated liner and gloves with heated grips and a few hot packs. Maybe a heated helmet is in order. 😂

There it is, Seisho PA to Seisho Pa. Looking forward to the next one!