Summer C2C

Last year we threaded together a quick ‘escape the heat’ Pacific Ocean to Japan Sea coast to coast twistybutt and it was a blast! For those that missed the Goldenweek run or did it and got hooked, you’ll be glad to know the Summer Run is on again!
Last year’s route was a relative sprint at @550km. We are stretching the legs on this year’s Summer Run with a 600+km or 700+km route available.

Details, details, details…

Saturday, August 16, 4:30am
*Return Sunday.

– Pacific Ocean to Japan Sea –
Start: Odowara, Sagami bay in Kanagawa

Finish: Wajima, Notohanto in Ishikawa


To ride from the Pacific to the Sea of Japan in a single day via as many great roads as can be strung together without touching a highway or toll road!
Then, settle in for beers, a feast and festivities…

Will provide a Garmin route, short or long, to all entrants in the lead up. Google Earth map will be ready for back-up and research.

The Ride
We encourage any and all to come along for a feast of twisties and the after ride antics. Don’t go getting the idea that encouraging means you’ll be joining a ‘follow the leader’ train of riders though. This is a tough ride and one to do at your own pace on your own schedule. You’ll probably find a rider or two around your pace to roll with but don’t count on it. Everyone has different styles, fuel ranges, bladder sizes and concentration spans so you may find yourself rolling with different people or even alone at times. But generally, small groups of similar paced and style riders have coalesced early on past rides.
If you’ve got a pack of like minded riders already then great, get your train together, study the route, load your navis if you have them and get on with it.
Just don’t take this ride lightly. It is a tough one! A hell of a lot of
great riding but tough and dangerous if not respected. Heed the warning.

1. You are responsible for yourself, your ride and leaving your whinging and whining at home.
2. Have your bike in long distance ready condition. Plenty(50%+) of tire and a full tank of gas!
3. Have yourself ready to roll. Well slept, fed and healthy.
4. This is not an easy ride! You will be on the road for the best part of daylight and maybe more than 12hours with little time to just cruise and zone out. It is a true feast of twisties that even gluttons have trouble swallowing. Know that!
# START TIME # Just before Sunrise – 4:30am – If you miss the start, don’t give up. Catch up in Shizuoka.

Ride considerately, safely and within your limits.
This IS NOT competitive touring or a race.
In no way is any other rider or anyone associated with this ride responsible for any other rider on the ride.
We will likely have a variety of different riders/bikes/attitudes out there. Respect that and keep it real.
For the safety of your fellow riders and yourself, keep a safe distance between all riders and ride in a staggered formation when in a group. Staggered provides better vision, keeps the pack together and the tires in the car tracks reducing the chance of a puncture.
Have a charged phone on hand at all times with your emergency contact and the other riders’ contact. Details will be shared closer to the start.
Notify someone on this ride asap if you have any difficulties or leave the ride.
Our route parallels a lot of expressway so if anyone wants to swing off on a separate adventure for a bit, take a nap or get lost then there is flexibility for that. Hell, if you just get a crook neck or the bike develops a reluctance to rock’n’roll then make a beeline for the goal and wait for the rest of the crew to roll in. There is always another day and the support of your fellow road warriors waiting for you at the goal.

, Even if you have a navi, KNOW the ROUTE, have your back-up maps / Mapple or stick with someone who does.

What do we do when we get there?
Everybody meets up at the same place for a feast and to share tales from the road.
Need to book a room? Try here:

Route Inn, Wajima
As we didn’t have enough rooms for the Goldenweek twistybutt and many had to scramble to find a place, I’ve booked some rooms already at the Wajima Route Inn.
If you can book your own room, please do. If you can’t, there should be a room for you.
*Caveat: I’m not too familiar with the area we’ll be staying so be ready to eat what we can find within staggering distance.

How do I get in on this?
Spirited riders are always welcome. So, just reply here and PM me if you’re a definite and I’ll keep you in the loop.


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