Kanto Twistybutt 2018

30+ Riders registered already! Routes have been sent.

400km+ ride through a near continuous run of twisties through the Kanto region on September 23.

Want a taste of the Twistybutt rides? This is your chance with a local 1-day twistybutt. As usual, not for the faint of heart or ill-prepared.
Not a big event. Just a ride for friends and friends of friends.

This has been going for several years now and we’ve tried to improve the route each year.

The pack is growing with each ride and we encourage spirited riders to come along and give it a go. Don’t go getting the idea that encouraging means you’ll be joining a ‘follow the leader’ train of riders though. This is a tough ride and one to do at your own pace on your own schedule. You’ll probably find a rider or two around your pace to roll with but don’t count on it. Everyone has different styles, fuel ranges, bladder sizes and concentration spans so you may find yourself rolling with different people or even alone at times. But generally, small groups of similar paced and style riders have coalesced early on past rides.
If you’ve got a pack of like minded riders already then great, get your train together, study the route, load your navis, applications and maps if you have them and get on with it.
Just don’t take this ride lightly. It is a tough one! A hell of a lot of great riding but tough and dangerous if not respected. Heed the warning.

Comment to show your interest and we’ll get you in the loop. Hope to see you at the start on Sunday, September 23.

Seasoned Twistybutters, do your stuff here:


# Route Maps will be distributed to all registered in late August.