Weather…. We’re not quite there yet folks.

When you’ve been dreaming of blue skies and rounding rubber for several months and you see the weather news forecasting rain.

Remain calm, realise it’s currently at 60% chance of rain as it has been this far out on probably 60% of previous Coast to Coast Twistybutts and that there are several different weather zones of which we should hope to find ever better riding just over the ridge.

On Sunday, there were spits on the visor in Odawara and by the coast…

But over the ridge into Gotemba and the clouds were localised to the west…

By Nagano, it was picture perfect.

So, best not be taking the forecasts too seriously or jumping to tragedies just yet. It’s still early days.

Best save your focus and optimism for the omnipotent guardians and enablers of the Roadwarrior, the Weather Gods!

Let’s have copious offerings and boisterous praise and pleads. Fire, chant, break stuff, masks.. no freaky monstrosity style ones and song with sacrifice… Whatever gets it done for you!

Now’s the time to prep, be realistic, keep researching the route and making sure you are ready and the Weather Gods will be with us. 🤞

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