Good Prep #2

Sticking with maintaining a low stress rider to enjoy the road more on a long and challenging ride, let’s look at 20 basics a lot of Twistybutts utelise.

  • Earplugs – great fatigue fighter.
  • Cold, mid and warm gloves. Waterproof helps immensely.
  • Stick on hotpacks – if you haven’t got wired heat this is gold. Or if you get cold knees and toes.
  • Proven wet weather protection. How many mountain passes are we doing and what do we find on mountain tops? Fog, clouds and rain.
  • Eye drops – Ahhh…
  • Lip balm – pucker up. 😂
  • Good layering from base to mid to over and outer shell, without being constricted or having to walk like an Apollo astronaut.
  • Screen cleaning kit – group leaders catch the bugs and all the others catch the mud n dust.
  • Baby / Wet wipes…not all of us are perfect at pinching off a loaf. 😉
  • Extra socks and underwear – if you can dry out at lunch, why not. Besides, you may shit yourself at some point.
  • Dark & clear visors if you don’t have an internal sunshield. Quite dangerous doing those final twisties tired, in the dark and almost blinded by a dark visor.
  • A few microfibre cloths – so many uses!
  • A quality hydrating drink – OS-1 is a good one
  • Energy snacks,.. not peaky sugar.
  • A mild painkiller – just in case…
  • Bandaid power pads – stops the bleed, seals it and starts to heal while you ride!
  • Lozenges – Avoids a dry hoarse throat, especially if you are using intercoms all day. Gum & helmet cheekpads, ouch!
  • Sunscreen – no one likes a redneck
  • Music – pick your songs carefully. 😉
  • SLEEP – last but probably most important. Get surplus sleep three or four nights before hand and try going to bed earlier in prep for maximising Friday night’s final sleep

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