Start and Finish

Just a reminder for new comers that we start at around 4:55am – Sunrise!

Traditionally we do a quick gather and kick off talk at sunset and then everyone filters out when they are ready.

Please don’t expect people with sticks guiding you to your parking or race queens strutting around for photos. Do expect Twistybutts catching up with each other and plenty of pre-ride excitement.

* SPECIAL NOTE FOR ALL: This year we are starting by a major road. By mindful of that. There is ample parking both sides of the road, use it. There’s also a crosswalk, use it.

So, sun’s up at @5am and sets around @6:30pm. That gives us 13hrs of sunlight to ride in. Some inevitably arrive in the dark for the start and the finish and that’s fine. Just remember to enjoy the ride and watch the road carefully.
The perfect finish!

Here’s the traditional photo location for that magic sunset.

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