Good Prep #1

The Coast to Coast is a long day with a huge variety of roads and weather conditions. To maintain energy and concentration, it helps to minimise stress and maximise enjoyment. Makes sense right? So how can we do that?

Knowing the route so you can enjoy the road helps.

Ever year many riders start out on the wrong foot by not knowing the route well enough, especially new entrants. Some don’t even make it 10km without getting lost, discovering their chosen method of navigation doesn’t work as they thought or missing a turn and getting disorientated.

With only one week to go, if you haven’t test ridden the route from the start to Gotemba or Yamanakako, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Get out there this weekend for a few hours and make your mistakes before the big day.

The route linked below is a good step by step for the first enjoyable road on the 500 course that will take you to your first touge, Ashigara Highway. There’s a nice view from the top too. Recommend loading it up on Google maps, trying not to look at your device and just watch the corners and landmarks.

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