Routes Away!

Routes Away!
Routes have been sent to all those who registered. If you registered and didn’t get an email today, send me an alternate email address and we’ll try again.

It was sent out using Gmail so if your email, phone company or settings block Gmail, you won’t have got it.

If you couldn’t be bothered registering earlier, send me an email and I’ll try to get the route out to you. Can’t guarantee anything though. Busy,…

For Garmin users, you have received a gpx and gdb file. The gpx can be loaded via a Garmin formatted memory card or just add a folder titled GPX to a memory card, drop the route file in there and pop it in your Garmin.
The gdb file can be loaded via computer through basecamp or mapsource.

Those who requested GPX, tried to make your route as plain as possible this year.

There are no klm, iPhone, jedi-force or stone etched versions available. Sorry.


Follow this to a guide on how to load your route files 👍

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