Couple of days in Italy 🇮🇹 

Great riding from Firenze to Cinque Terre and back via the hills of Toscana.

Spent a couple of days on the tail end of our time in Italy touring 2 up from Firenze through the Tuscan mountains and down to Cinque Terre on the coast and back. 

Picked up the bike from the friendly folks at Tuscany Scooter rental

The S1000XR and Multistrada weren’t available so it was an R1200RS. Complete with topbox and a pannier which fit our gear for a couple days. 

Set the suspension for 2up and we were off fighting our way through morning traffic out of the city. 

Took a while to figure out the navi was set to avoid expressways but once sorted we were off and soon flying through the rolling hills of Tuscany north of Pistoia. 

The mountain and river hugging twisties of Garfagnana. I’m home!
Devil’s Bridge – really, that’s its name.
Autostradas have decent one stop shops and rider fuel.
Beautiful night for riding. Climbing and twisting up over La Spezia.
Smoldering sunset… where are we heading?

Riomaggiore… there it is! One of the 5 Cinque Terre nestled in the crook of a valley lapping the Ligurian Sea. 

A wonder of colours, walls, steps, shadows, depth and dysfunction in the night light threaded with plenty of laughter, footsteps and fresh air carrying wafts of delicious food on the scent of the sea. We had to eat.. 

Yum yum yum!

Woke up in a Mediterranean jewel.  

Click the photo for a video
A wonderous moziac of engineering and colour in the light of the day. Spectacular!

With my better half wanting to see the towns from a boat, it was time to snake along the coastline and do some bike bonding. So, headed north to Levanto before turning around and heading south again to meet in Portovenere. 

Click the pic below for the run from Levanto to Portovenere. Best turn the volume down as the wind noise is horrid 😦

And Portovenere was magic! 

Found my copilot 🙂
Had some pasta in a cup… and gelato of course!
Strolled the streets..

With a deadline before the R1200RS turned into a pumpkin, it was time to saddle up and hit the Autostrada making a beeline for Firenze. 

We arrived just in time to drop off the bike then had a great dinner and enjoyed strolling away our final night in Firenze. 

That’s our 2nd time riding through Toscana. Fantastic again! I’ll be back and for longer next time… 


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