Kanto Twistybutt – Update

The routes have been scouted and found to be clear.

We now have 30+ riders confirmed.

All riders should have there route maps – if you don’t send a message asap. The route maps have have been split in half this time to remove load and improve routing speed. They also have recommended fuel/gas stops and their distances from the marked to make strategy planning easier.

Sunday night, some riders are staying at the Susono Route Inn and will be out riding the next day. All self-booking.

Sunday morning 5am, wheels roll! Looking forward to seeing you all there.




4 thoughts on “Kanto Twistybutt – Update

    • Patrick, you’ll need the ‘My Maps’ application I believe. From there you’ll be able to view the route on your phone but no turn-by-turn guidance. Watch out for overheating your phone too.
      Swapping garmin mounts from one bike to another isn’t a big job really. Would be worth trying to make it happen.
      Alternatively, speak to Ken for advice on running Locus or Graham on running GSMand+
      See you Sunday morning.


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