Summer Coast 2 Coast Twistybutt 2014

That was a unique ride! Thanks to a gang of looneys, it was never a bore or depressing. Cheers fellas!

The 1st hillclimb out of the sprawl..

The fog!

A touge..

Wet but not complaining…

Torrential rain? No no no… A bike bath with thunder

A rider bath too which made these filthy fellas happy 😀

Navigating Kofu bikers style

The fogs back…

Made it thru the fog, torrential rain, endless twisties and various ‘moments’ o find JapanRob, on the least powerful bike on the ride, had taken the flag. Well done mate!

And the early arrivers ducked out for a feed and some amber imbiber… Even the camera was seeing double…

That brings us to notable mentions

1st in and ‘Sneakiest’- JapanRob

Toughest – Alban

Best sounding bike – FireboltXB12

Zombie King – JamesK

Most committed or ‘ought to be committed’ pack – PenguinKnifeFight/SilverSurfer/LifesHarlequin

Then it was off to bed for some… right there in the foyer

The next day, a little crusty, took an onsen, had a feed, watched others fix a couple of punctures (in 1 tyre) and then a young lass put smiles on our dials for a group shot

Then it was time to hit the road home.

But we had to do 361 just one more time in the rain 😉

Thanks for the company Twistybutters!

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