Tokyo Toy Run 2011

[i]*No photos from the orphanage due to event requests and no qualms about it either*[/i]

Well the Tokyo leg for this year’s Tokyo Toy Run was a success.

Donned the big merry fellas red over suit and fired up the steed for a day of merriment.

Starting in Odaiba at @8:30am we floated down the expressway to the big Daikukofuto PA and enjoyed a nice long break there that gave us enough time to eat, check out the cool cars and generally be merry. We had about 30 santas, several reindeer and a gaggle of xmas clad riders. I think we stole the attention away from the Lamboghinis and Porsches 😎 and by the number of cameras and size of the crowd on our departure, we should turn up somewhere on the net.
Then we made our way down the bayside and exited the expressway at Sachiura for the run thru Kanazawa and over the ridge into the outskirts of Kamakura. Plenty of waves and ‘HoHoHo! Merry Xmas!’ going ons. Plenty of waves back and cameras flashing too.
The sun was shining and warm, the traffic was light and surf was up so the ride along the coast was sweet! Great day to be riding the beachside strip! Things got a little merry for us when a white night riding an MT01 tried to out-do the Santa brigade so we broke formation and brought some high rpm xmas cheer to all of our hearts. ‘HoHoHo’

From Daikoku, I led the crew headed to the Elizabeth Sanders Home in Oiso. Another crew went to The Chigasaki Farm.
At the orphanage, the kids were stoked to see us and there seemed to be more of them than last year. All was good, the principal sang some Karaoke style jinglebells with his own vocal/instrumental accompaniment and dance.
The dodge ball was brutal, the playground fun and the priceless smiles a plenty.
Big bonus for this year was the pizza. Yep, a collection at Daikokufuto funded a forty-loaves like serve of delivery pizzas for the little ones and they LOVED it! We all had a bite and some oshiruko bean soup which was delivered ever so politely by the littlies.
Then it was on to the present giving and this time it went both ways. 👍 We gave some designated gifts to each room and they gave back 10 big Xmas cards with a bike motif on the front and varying degrees of english and thank you notes etched all over. Fantastic!
Finally, the ride around with 4 bikes doing slow laps and the kids crawling all over each other for a go. Things started cordially enough but once they got a taste of it .. .. not even Santa could keep them back as they forded their way to the nearest bike! Fear not! Japan has a new, if small, wave of would be riders on the grow 😎
We tied things up and with another performance from the singing, dancing and generally jovial Principal, the kids made a heart warming speech to us that had our rag tag bunch of leather clad road warriors all red faced and wet eyed. It was awesome :yo:

Heading out, we made our way to Kuaiana in Kamakura for a burger with LOCO. This year was his last TTR for the near future. He’ll be sorely missed. Champ, what are we gonna do without you? There was talk of leaking some particularly scandalis photos to speed his demotion back to the land of the rising sun and needy TTR. . . ..

All in all, that was a fantastic day!

Hope to see more of us there next year!

btw: The Yamanashi orphanage run is set for the 17th of December

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